Sleepless in Montana

It’s 3:00 am and I’ve been trying to sleep but to no avail.  I just lay there in bed mentally packing boxes in preparation for our ten month stay in the Philippines.  The calendar on our blog has been ticking down with only 19 days until we go.  Yikes!

After my first blog post ever, Craig created a link on my Facebook page to the blog.  I decided to tiptoe into Facebook to take a peek at the link and then planned to exit as quickly as I could before I got sucked into a whirling eddy of chit chat.  In the less than 30 seconds that I was on my Facebook page, I discovered two things.  One is that I’m faceless.  Is it cheating to use a “younger” picture of oneself?  Like a baby picture or a picture from the high school years?  My grown son, upon seeing a picture of me once in my high school year book, reacted by saying, “Mom was a babe!”  Now, isn’t that about the highest compliment a son could pay to his mother!  Well, it’s not so anymore so I think I’ll remain faceless.  The second thing I discovered on my Facebook page is that I have 74 people waiting to be my friend.  In my previous post I said that I had rejected everyone who had ever requested to be my friend, which really isn’t true.  I didn’t reject them, I just ignored them all.  And there they were, still waiting!  I’m contemplating accepting those 74 requests now, although my motive is not in wanting to be a genuine Facebook friend.  Heaven forbid!  I just want people to read my blog.

The decision to move our family overseas has bordered on insanity given the commitments that we have here in the U.S. to ministry and business.  But this is how Craig and I have always done life.  We set our sights on a goal, jump in the boat and start paddling in that direction.  Sometimes the current carries us easily there and other times we have to paddle hard.  Things have fortunately fallen into place with our son and his wife committing to living in our house while we’re gone and taking over Craig’s property management business and snow removal contracts.  I have things covered for the Sacred Portion ministry as well and there is much that I will still be able to do long distance given this techy world that we live in.

The prospect of living in the Philippines has felt daunting and overwhelming at times.  In those moments, my eyes are drawn to a quote that I have hanging by my desk in the office.  It says:

“Fear not the risks of braving the wilds and unknown in your service for God.  Fear more the regret of never having the opportunity to serve Him in that special way again.” 

I really like that quote because I have always had a spirit of adventure and am a risk taker.  I want to finish life well and without regrets – not having held back because something seemed too hard or too scary.  I know that God will do great things with this Druckenmiller Family Adventure that we are about to embark upon.  He will change each of us individually and as a family, strengthening our characters, changing our perspectives, challenging us to be different.  I pray that we will be a blessing to all of the people whom we will be doing life with in the Philippines – the staff at Rehoboth, the workers on the construction site, the people in the community of Sampaloc.

Would you pray this prayer along with us?  God keep us safe, bind us together as a family, and do wondrous things that we might speak glory to your Name.  Amen.


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